Computer-Aided Manufacturing

Turn your 3D designs into high-quality, finished parts, and let D3’s solution for computer aided manufacturing (CAM) set that standard for performance.

D3 has merged the latest and greatest in high-speed CAM technologies, bringing CAD and CAM together for a truly integrated design to manufacturing solution to enable fast and easy production of physical prototypes.

Your HSM CAM software has allowed us to cut the time to get parts by 4 months…keep up the good work!

Gene Brown, Owner, ADS Aerospace, Wichita, KS

With powerful CAD-integrated CAM tools, you can:

  • Create top of class advanced toolpaths using high speed machining
  • Generate G-code in minutes
  • Adapt to real-time changes
  • Extend tool life while speeding up machining times
  • Instantly update toolpaths to new design changes
  • Operate with 2.5, 3, 3+2 and 5 axis milling; turning and mill/turn
  • Produce top quality parts
  • Improve data management

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Whether your team sits in the same office or across multiple sites, D3 provides the solution that will help you maximize the value of your design data.

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