Learn More About Our New Strategic Partner: Charlie Rosenbury

Charlie Rosenbury brings his extensive AV/VR expertise to Team D3

Charlie has been tinkering with coding and digital creativity tools since his father brought home their first computer as a child. With an initial interest in creating video games, he later learned how to make websites, record music, create custom graphics, produce videos, and any combination thereof. As he grew up, he jumped on opportunities to apply these skills in school, church, and ultimately entrepreneurship.

During his time as a student at Missouri State University, he founded LemonDrop, a non-profit community art space on Commercial Street. He honed his leadership and managerial skills through coordinating with the C-Street community and organization volunteers to host concerts, art shows, and community events in and around the space.

Around that same time, he was the first hire at 40Digits, a web development company based out of Springfield, MO. He would go on to become the Technical Director, managing the development team and meeting with clients to help navigate the digital space. The company was later acquired by Barkley, an advertising agency based out of Kansas City.

Kevin Schlack (Right) and Charlie Rosenbury (Left)

Charlie left 40Digits to start Self Interactive with the goal of solving business problems through custom software solutions. From simple marketing sites to global intranet hubs, Self continued work primarily in the web and mobile spaces. However, in 2016 consumer virtual reality (“VR”) had re-emerged as a sophisticated, viable technology unlike the bulky, underwhelming hardware of the past. After experiencing this new technology firsthand, Charlie recognized VR (and its sister technology augmented reality [“AR”], known collectively as “Spatial Computing”) as the inevitable next frontier of how humans interact with the digital world.

He immediately began promoting the technology to business groups in and around Springfield with an initial focus on training and manufacturing applications. With the resounding success of Self’s initial VR applications developed for assembly line training and product demonstration, CoxHealth approached Self to execute an internal initiative of providing VR training for EVS workers, replicating the process of cleaning and turning over a patient’s room. More information on this project is available here.

With the D3 partnership, Self is now able to leverage the experience and expertise D3 has cultivated in the manufacturing space. Through their combined efforts, spatial computing possibilities in manufacturing are wider and better than ever.

Our passion at Self Interactive is to create world-class custom software solutions tailored to an organization‘s business processes and goals. When I met with D3 and learned of their initiative to provide AR and VR solutions to their national roster of manufacturing clients, the partnership opportunity was obvious. Their track record of quality customer service and applied expertise is in perfect alignment with Self’s ability to execute within these cutting-edge technologies.” - Charlie Rosenbury, President of Self Interactive.

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