ENTERPRISE CPQ – Configure, Price, Quote

OR is it really Configure-to-Order, either way, quote in minutes

Extending your quote info to downstream processes like CRM, ERP and taking the design data to the Production Floor

Extending your quotes to downstream processes like CRM, ERP and eCommerce iconWhile  is able to handle the very complex engineered-to-order demands that companies have, there is often the need to manage configure-to-order type products. RULER® gives you that ability as well and is made for manufacturers who design and build configurable, multi-option, and customizable products. Our configurator abilities and CPQ (configure, price, quote) software strategies automate your entire quote-to-production process, generating both sales deliverables and production outputs.  An awesome fit when you have a blended mix of CPQ or CTO with ETO.

RULER® is a Best of Breed plaform that enables you to handle the functionality demands such as product visualization, BOM’s and routings. Leveraging the power of RULER®, you can also go beyond just the template type drawings and get project specific detailed drawing outputs that other tools just can’t deliver.

  • Integrate to ERP, CRM, and CAD
    Built to tie into other systems, our platform has a wide variety of sales and production configurator functionality and follows our Lean Enterprise strategy to streamline operational workflows and leverage technology where it makes sense.


Trusted by both large and small companies worldwide.

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