Automate Mass Product Customization to Speed Up Customer Response and Lower Cost of Sale

Pressure Vessel Industry Puts Web Based
Engineer-to-Order Sales in Motion 85% Faster

With a comprehensive consulting group focused on manufacturing solutions, D3 Technologies automates mass product customization to speed up customer response and lower cost of sale.

Project Summary

Pressure Vessel manufacturers heavily depend on analysis tools, CAD tools, large spreadsheets and a lot of tribal knowledge in order to put a good estimate together and propose a solution.  There is a pressing business need to solve the challenges that are holding them back and several manufacturers came to D3 for help in these areas:

The Challenge – reduce the time by half or more

  • Quick and Accurate Estimates
  • Easy creation of General Arrangement drawing
  • Automated Downstream steps
  • Easy creation of Fabrication drawings
  • BOM integration with ERP
  • DXF Flat Patterns for Shop floor

Another set of benefits also stood to be gained.  With an industry wrapped in traditional methodologies, their tools were also very traditional.  By moving forward with such a solution, they would be able to transition from the old 2D design to an intelligent 3D design. As a result, they would be able to vastly improve communication between engineers and the shop floor, further speeding manufacturing by eliminating errors and reducing rework.

The Solution Comprehensive from End to End

Whether the client uses Autodesk Inventor or Solidworks, they are now equipped with an end-to-end quoting and design solution (powered by the Ruler Platform from D3) to really beat the competition and increase their per order profit.

“…we were at 3hrs just to create the estimate…now we do that and get the drawings in about 15 min…Project Mgr, Dallas, TX”


Drawings with a click of a button. So easy to use!


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