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TOP EV Racing Reduces Design Time with Autodesk Fusion 360


Autodesk is the latest sponsor to join Top EV Racing, providing software and support to bring to life critical vehicle components designed by Top EV Racing’s engineers.

The Perth-based electric vehicle venture will utilise Autodesk’s 3D modelling and simulation cloud-based software suites.

Image courtesy of TOP EV Racing.

The challenge

Top EV Racing is engineering what they hope will be the world’s fastest accelerating electric vehicle, a Solar-Supercharged ELECTRIC landspeed dragster. Aiming to accelerate from 0 to 530 km/h in just 4.5 seconds at 7 G’s over the ¼ mile drag strip – 7 G’s is twice the accelerating force of NASA’s Space Shuttle.

The nearly 10 metre long “Arc’d Up” electric race car is poised to set eight world speed
and elapsed time records and achieve a top speed in excess of 612km/h, which is half
the speed of sound!

The solution

Autodesk Fusion 360’s cloud-based solutions see the design team in Perth working with engineers on the East Coast, and additive manufacturers in Germany seamlessly. The engineering team can work from home if need be, and the extensive simulation features are such an integral part of making light-weight and strong race car componentry.

“The synergy with Top EV Racing and Autodesk is exciting. Both organisations are pushing the boundaries of technology and endeavour to achieve many things that are innovative, and driving change,” explained Michael Fragomeni, founder of Top EV Racing.

“Top EV Racing is the ideal platform to showcase all related technologies, and specifically allows us to create components, analyse and simulate performance, and collaborate with technical and manufacturing teams around the globe in real-time with cloud-based connectivity.”

Image courtesy of TOP EV Racing.

The result

Top EV Racing is aiming to begin track testing in the next twelve months and will showcase the electric landspeed racecar in a number of exhibitions across Australia, then internationally.

Public engagement has been a priority for Top EV Racing with the team increasing its school and community presentations to raise the awareness of renewable power sources, and increasing the younger generations’ interest in STEM education.

Image courtesy of TOP EV Racing.

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