Ignite Training Plan


Ignite is the training plan designed to help your team push the limits of what's possible with Advanced Manufacturing.

With classes designed to take you from the basics through fundamentals launching you towards innovation, Ignite shows you how to use Autodesk's Advanced Manufacturing software to make efficient, dependable, safe, on-demand products with reduced waste and parts.



Join and get the flexibility to attend training in-person or online through D3's CAD LIVE training platform. Additionally, your questions are our priority, and you will receive unrestricted access to our Live Tech Support staff with an Ignite subscription.

Course tracks are available for FeatureCAM, CFD, and Moldflow to advance your team's skills no matter their experience level.



Ignite FeatureCAM

The Ignite FeatureCAM training track will show you how to visualize safe toolpaths with simulation and program your parts to perform at their best using feature recognition, automation tools, and more.

In this track, we unpack everything FeatureCAM has to offer. Students walk away, understanding the basics with or without an existing 3D model.

Topics Include:

- Using Automatic Feature Recognition
- Directed Automatic Feature Recognition
- Interactive Feature Recognition
- Creating toolpaths on surfaces or curves

Next, students will learn to verify with machine simulation and export posted codes for machining.

Later classes dive into specialized machining strategies, including:

- Steep & Shallow,
- Part handling on turn-mill applications
- Interactive Feature Recognition
- Critical setups for 3+1 and 3+2 machining
- Applying simultaneous 4 and 5 axis toolpaths to finish your parts

Ignite CFD

The Ignite CFD track was designed to teach students the fundamental concepts critical to success in Autodesk CFD. Learn how to minimize the need for physical prototypes while providing deeper insight into fluid flow design performance as we cover all the basics of the software. Together we explore the entire Workflow, from importing geometry to interrogating and sharing excellent results.

Topics Include:

- Industrial components
- Electronics cooling
- Building and design

The CFD Ignite training package will teach you how to use a range of powerful tools for system design optimization and design-based decision-making to drive the analysis results you need!   

Ignite Moldflow Advisor

In this Ignite Moldflow Advisor track, discover the capabilities of Autodesk Moldflow Adviser to simulate injection molded plastic parts to minimize part defects and molding challenges.

Students are introduced with a theoretical background on injection molding and plastic part design, explaining how best to streamline the process with the user interface and simulation adviser tools.

Together we cover simulations such as:

- Industrial components
- Gate location
- Fill analysis
- Molding window
- Cooling quality
- Sink marks
- The ENTIRE molding cycle through Cool/Fill/Pack/Warp analysis

Our instructors teach you how to model runners and cooling circuits and account for these mold design features in evaluating the processability and dimensional stability of plastic parts. In the end, we finish with lessons in results interpretation and advanced modeling tips.


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