You Asked For It!

By Daniel Douglas, Posted October 10, 2017

Hey Everybody!

I was able to get some good feedback in response to my post, What do YOU want to learn about Fusion 360? Thank you all for your replies! They really helped me to find a helpful direction for the upcoming Fusion 360 Explore series. Now let me tell you a little bit about the conversations that were sparked around Fusion 360.

People ideas

Several individuals wanted to learn more about using Fusion 360 along with other software packages such as slicer programs (for 3D printing or other manufacturing applications), other CAD programs (like Inventor or SolidWorks), or with other periphery programs (EAGLE, Sketchbook, etc.). Others wanted to learn more about using T-Splines (a unique feature of Fusion 360) for rapid concept generation.

I also had several people ask me if there are any fields of industry that are a best fit for Fusion 360. The program has several features that make it an incredible tool in the world of product design. Especially in the design of consumer products, where rapid change and iterative development require high levels of collaboration, organic shapes and forms, digital prototyping, virtual testing, and built in CAM capabilities. Additionally, in industries -- such as packaging design -- where lean manufacturing practices require streamlined communication between production and engineering, Fusion 360 is a powerful, lightweight solution.

There were also several requests for specific projects. One individual wanted to see a drone airframe designed in Fusion 360 and 3D printed on a MarkForged. Another individual wanted to see the entire product design workflow, including PCB creation, demonstrated in Fusion 360. I am really excited to do a full product design project, but it will probably have to be broken up over several blog posts.

Tune into D3's blog posts to explore Autodesk Fusion 360 with us

Thank you all for your replies!

Once the Fusion Explore series starts running, you should expect content that helps you to adopt and master Fusion 360. However, I can’t provide you with the content you NEED unless you let me know. So, please comment with feedback, corrections, or questions. 

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3D printed Boda (Yoda statue that resembles Buddha)

Fusion 360 is a powerful, lightweight solution

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