Betcha Didn't Know You Could Do That!

By RJ, Posted October 12, 2017

So check this out.  I was having a discussion with Scott here at D3 the other day.  He had been talking with a customer who is happy with their design work in Solidworks.  However, they have some needs around CAM, and their marketing folks are always asking for screenshots and images from the engineering staff on products they're busy designing.

Wondering how Fusion 360 could possibly be a fit for them?  Well, Fusion 360 isn't only a design tool, there's so much more you can do with it.

Below is just one example.  The design down there was already complete.  In literally 5 minutes, I was able to upload this design to Fusion 360, grab an embedding link, and paste it into my blog.

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YES, that really happened!  Not only can I orbit zoom and pan around my model, look at all those other cool tools.  I can cut section views, explode the parts, measure the model, even make markups and save out the image files.  All this, inside the functionality of Fusion 360 and Fusion Team!

Have you needed a way to get 3D models embedded in your web pages, or to make your models available for customers to review during the purchasing or quoting process?  Check out Fusion 360, it can do it!  Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or want to know more.  Our social media links are at the bottom of this page, or you can join the discussion directly below.

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