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D3 ERP Key Features for Engineer to Order & Contract Fabricators


  • Modern technology (and thus, extremely low cost saas web-based model)
  • Strong manufacturing background, integrated accounting suite native to the platform
  • All ERP modules included in one platform; no extra module costs

ETO key functionalities include:

Built-in CRM Inventory Control Production Tracking
Engineering Control Built In Accounting Quality
Purchasing Directly Integrated Project Billing Tracking Scalability

Built-in CRM

  • Lead tracking, quoting, document management, document revs for proposal PDF attachments, quote rev tracking for projects
  • Workflow capability for quotes, projects, new product launches, etc.

Engineering Control

  • Control of BOMs and BOM releases from quoting stage and through project lifecycle
  • Auditable engineering change request workflows integrated across all impacted projects/customers
  • CAD to BOM integration/apis (solidworks, autodesk)
  • Project profitability analysis: drill down into source work orders and purchase orders, breakdown and summarize job cost details to justify source of total project material, labor, overhead, or outsource service costs and their impact on total project profitability
  • Multi-level BOM driven production tracking (including phantom BOM capability, infinite levels subassemblies, dynamic work order scheduling/planning based on order status and stock availabilities across entire multi-level BOM structure in a single page)
  • Engineering mgmt / PLM: integrated document and document revision control, import/export boms, BOM revisions, controlled ECO process fully integrated across system

Purchasing Directly Integrated

  • Intergrated at quoting process for accurate materials costing; automatically generates buy sheets after quote converts to order
  • BOM release/updates on project automatically update buy sheets for purchasing
  • Vendor request for quotations (RFQs) and vendor point of sale (POS) linked to source to notify receiving where to take incoming product and when

Inventory Control

  • Integrated material shortage/availability reporting automatically alerts project scheduling
  • See what is left on a project that hasn't been purchased yet
  • See what has been purchased for a project that hasn't been received yet; immediately know when is the soonest you can start the job
  • Work order and project management workflow tracking, email alerts, nag notifiers, and audit history:
  • Assign task queue to Engineering for BOM/CAD work
  • Assign task queue to Purchasing after BOM release
  • Assign task queue to Production with barcoded traveler
  • Mobile warehouse, barcodes, scanning of receipts of raw goods, subassemblies and/or finished goods
  • 100% material traceability traceability, serial control, lot control, rmas, vendor returns, vendor recalls, warranties, service orders, parts orders

Built-in Accounting

  • Real-time company-wide accounting/financials suite and native project accounting tools
  • Email down payment invoice directly from Project to customer contact
  • Collect prepayment against project per customer credit terms of payment; prepayments and progress payments auto-apply at final project closure to prevent redundant A/R generation from sales invoicing
  • Report easily on open customer prepayments and progress payments as customer deposits/liabilities
  • Create billing schedules per project milestones
  • No batch day-end or week-end or month-end processing necessary to "catch up" financial reports; all G/L and financial reports are integrated and real-time to the second.
  • Integrated A/P payments, batch check runs (print checks directly from web browser), ACH, wire transfers
  • Automated bank reconcile and credit card statement reconcile against transaction details

Project Billing Tracking

  • Linked charge accruals (billings, stock/parts shipments, services): actual project progress billings and customer payments against project quoted external customer price/budget
  • Linked cost accruals (work orders, purchase orders, receipts, etc.): actual project costs of material, labor, overhead, and outsource costs against project estimated internal cost/budget
  • Drill down into work orders, breakdown or summarize job cost details to justify source of ongoing material, labor, overhead, or outsource service costs in real time
  • Linked invoices (revenue): summarize actual invoice revenue generated against project
  • Linked payments (cash): summarize actual cash collected against project
  • Project PDF summary updates to customer of actual progress against project budget
  • Integrated final project shipments and deliverables seamlessly linked to customer Accounts receivable inside D3 ERP accounting/financials

Production Tracking

  • Work orders
  • Queues based on production line, work location, work start dates, supervisor, etc.
  • Release/print work orders
  • Pick parts (Inventory Management)
  • Barcode scan in to track, update, etc.
  • Track time, update status, etc. Etc. Etc. (Manufacturing Execution Systems - MES)
  • Complete/receive sub-work-orders grayed out on build w/ subs view
  • In process inspections (feature highlights include: entire quality module built in, not to mention 100% cradle to grave product traceability, etc.)
  • Serialize and barcode finished product; tie serialized subassembly goods to specific serialized finished goods units


  • Issue warranties (with warranty date tracking) against specific serial numbers
  • Issue service, installation, and support plans against specific serial numbers
  • Track all warranty, service, install, and support activity against single specific serial number in single screen
  • Track customer complaints / satisfaction cases in ISO compliant integrated customer case mgmt system


  • Standardizing on a product line becomes easy, with support for build-to-stock programs, customer portals, and large-scale aggregation and material allocation tools for the Purchasing department to begin volume buying materials shared across varied standardized products.
  • Multi-warehouse/site support, multi-currency support, cost/profit centers seamlessly break down financial reports

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